Mission: service delivery of high-quality, safe and affordable medical care to the population, aimed at continuous improvement of the health of citizens on the basis of modern, therapeutic, preventive, socio-psychological and hospital-replacing technologies.

The goals of healthcare centers

  • To become the best in the medical services market, ensuring that the achievements of modern medicine are applied in the interests of the patient.
  • Become a recognized scientific leader in the field of reproductive medicine by partnering with the most talented and qualified specialists in the field.
  • Expand its presence in the regions, making the achievements of world science available to the residents of America and developing a network of advanced medical institutions.
  • Increase the shareholder value of the group of companies both in the short and long term.


  • PATIENTS. In all situations, we act in the interests of the patient, the highest value is care and participation in relation to patients, as well as compliance with the best standards of medical care.
  • EMPLOYEES. Health Centers create conditions for the successful professional and personal development of each company’s employee.
  • PARTNERS. In relations with partners, hospitals always strive for mutually beneficial cooperation and guarantee the immutability of the principles of honesty, fairness and professional ethics in partnerships.