Trustee Magazine

Trustee Magazine

Trustee is the only magazine written specifically for the directors of hospitals and health care systems. Its award-winning articles are designed to serve both new and veteran trustees. Each issue is packed with expert governance guidance and the latest health care trends, issues and data from the industry's most important thought leaders. Trustee gives board members the information they need to lead their organizations through the changing health care environment.

Editorial Highlights

  • Practical Matters: Shorter articles that take a step-by-step approach to health care and governance issues or tasks
  • Features: In-depth pieces on governance and health care issues
  • Viewpoint: Thought-provoking editorials 
  • Center Voices: Shorter educational articles from the Center for Healthcare Governance
  • Trustee Workbooks: Educational inserts designed to promote interactive learning written by well-known governance experts (published four times a year)
  • Executive Briefings: Overviews of key health care and governance topics, written in an accessible manner for both new and veteran trustees (published three times a year)
  • On the Agenda: Research-driven insights on the latest leadership and health care developments
  • Dashboard: A snapshot of health care trends
  • Update: Short news items, including a memo from the American Hospital Association's Committee on Governance
  • From the Editor: The editor's perspective on the cover story or another feature in the issue

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