Governance Tools for Transformation

The Center now has available three Governance Tools for Transformation. Based on the Center’s study, Governance Practices in an Era of Health Care Transformation, the tools help hospital and health system boards adopt governance practices to guide their organizations through the significant changes in payment and care delivery now underway.

A Readiness Assessment is available here, free of charge, in two forms. The assessment is a high-level survey to help boards determine how their current practices compare with key transformational governance practices identified in the study. Click below on either a pdf version of the assessment which can be downloaded and printed for board members to complete manually, or a second version which board members can complete electronically. Results can be used for discussion about board strengths and opportunities to further improve governance.

Two additional Center resources will help boards build further capacity for transformational governance.

  • An educational curriculum assists boards to acquire specific knowledge and skills for governing in transformative times.
  • A Governance Assessment Process (GAP) survey helps boards determine the extent to which they have successfully implemented transformational governance practices.

For more information about the curriculum and GAP survey, contact the Center at or call (888) 540-6111.

Readiness Assessment PDFs:

Readiness Assessment