Speakers Express

Speakers Express

Every meeting is an important one, and the success of your meeting depends on its organization and execution.

The Center for Healthcare Governance, Health Forum and the American Hospital Association are proud partners of Speakers Express, an online speaker service that facilitates the education and development of health care leadership with a roster of nationally renowned faculty, second to none in the field.

Speaker's Express' roster of highly trained facilitators offer meeting and retreat facilitation of benefit to even the strongest of leadership teams by contributing structure, encouraging participation, and helping to build consensus. Whether you are planning a one-day seminar or a multi-day board retreat, through our Speakers Express service you will have access to high caliber speakers and presenters.

Finding the Right Fit

Speakers Express will work with you to identify and engage a presenter or facilitator with expertise in topics of specific interest to your organization. To learn more, please visit the Speakers Express website today, or use the links below.

For additional information, please call Speakers Express director Laura Woodburn at lwoodburn@healthforum.com