Board Risk and Executive Compensation in Health Care

Health care management teams and boards are tasked with operating successfully in a fee-for-service mode, while simultaneously moving to new models of reimbursement. There are substantial risk elements at play including the transformation of care and service delivery; forging partnerships and strategic alliances; and capital, technological, and personnel expenditures. Executive compensation can play a critical role in balancing the complexities of creating a new type of leadership and developing new operational models by aligning pay programs to near- and long-term strategic objectives. This webinar will examine how health care boards and compensation committees can address specific challenges including:

  • Identifying board risk in the business strategy
  • Addressing risk in the compensation committee
  • Utilizing best practices in executive compensation from other industries
  • Expanding the board’s/committee’s role
  • Communication


Steve Sullivan

Steve Sullivan
Pearl Meyer

Who Will Benefit:
This webinar is ideally suited for:

  • Governing boards
  • CEOs and other senior executives
  • Clinical leaders
  • Staff who coordinate and support governing board activities.

A Convenient Tool for Board Development:
This pre-recorded webinar offers the flexibility of on-demand viewing by individual executives and trustees or by full governing boards as an educational resource during board and committee meetings, retreats or orientation sessions. Boards are encouraged to consider the webinar content in the context of their own situations and needs.

How to obtain:
To obtain the webinar recording, follow the link below (registration required). Note: If you are having trouble accessing the webinar, clear your browsing history and then click on the link again.

NOTE: The views expressed in this webinar are those of the presenter and do not reflect the views of the American Hospital Association.

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